Mindfulness by Littlebeing

The person sometimes has emotion, that she/he feels the best alone in the chair with a book and she/he doesn’t need anything more in her/his life. If she/he stays in such a state of mind for too long her/his soul slowly, but steadily, starts to feel loneliness. Same as children who are beaten by their parents. That sense does not have a name yet, but the soul already feels harmed and betrayed. The only strong remedy for that pain and solitude is the Love, which should not be practiced when the windows and doors are closed as it is recommended inside a beautiful book, Forty rules of Love, by Elif Shafak. Because of that, pay attention to what is happening inside of You and around You. And when You start to feel alone, put the book aside, open the windows and doors, so the healing energy of Love can help You. And when You realize that somebody (especially child) is harmed, offer unconditional Love, hug and help. Because You can literally save his life.


After successfull start of webpages littlebeing.org we make graffity advertisements of the project around the Czech Republic...link to Youtube videos : https://www.youtube.com/@bublinamydlova1260