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Honza Augusta & David Podhůrský

Honza currently focuses mainly on graphic design, book design, and inventing unconventional dynamic websites, which have received official awards. In his creative beginnings, his interest in spatial creation prevailed, stemming from his undying DIY and admiration for honest craftsmanship. His work - whether it be corporate identity, typeface, poster or online projects - is always looking for a way that is not only good graphically functional and artistic, but also a bearer for story and, if successful, humour. His main concern is that the results of his work offer a glimpse into another world and awaken people's imagination.

David had fun with programming in elementary school, in high school (SPŠE V Úžlabina) he wrote his first few websites, and later in college (ČVUT FEL / FIT) his hobby became a trade. Since then, he has created nearly a hundred websites, from the simplest microsite to large portals, online calculators or internal applications. He prefers projects that are interesting or special in some way, that require an individual and creative approach, and cannot be covered by a modular solution.

David and Honza first collaborated in 2012 on a small website for a kindergarten, using graphics from children. Since then, this collaboration has given rise to almost two dozen websites, in which Honza has given vent to his creativity, thus always providing David with a new challenge. Together they boast, among other things, a series of websites for the band The Tap Tap, the presentation of the Ferdinanda pub, the portfolio of architect Lucie Amossé and the biggest project yet - (Let's Give a Book).

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